• Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Chemitech Corporation, (hereafter, "the company"), acknowledges the importance of personal information (which shall mean information that can be used to identify a specific individual), abides by the laws, regulations, and company provisions on personal information, and manages and protects the personal information that it possesses on its customers and clients.

1 Clarification on the Collection and Use of Personal Information
When collecting personal information from customers and clients, we first make clear the purpose of the collection and use of that information in advance, and collect information as necessary, while our purposes for the use of personal information is clearly stipulated and used only within the limits of those purposes.
2 Appropriate Management of Personal Information
  • (1) We work to keep personal information up-to-date and accurate.
  • (2) We take necessary measures to prevent the leak, loss, and defamation of personal information.
  • (3) We establish provisions on the handling of personal information, and keep all staff well-informed on the details of those provisions.
  • (4) When entrusting the handling of personal information to a third-party, we provide guidance and overlook the appropriate management of personal information.
3 Revealing and Amending Personal Information
When we are asked by a customer whose personal information is in our possession to disclose, amend, or take some other such action on that personal information, we shall respond rapidly and in accordance with the rule of law.
4 Constant Improvement on the Handling of Personal Information
We work hard to make due and constant improvement on the handling of personal information.
5 Personal Information Contact Hot-line:
Phone: 042-369-9111 (Representative)