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Special Processes

Pre-Coat Threading Processing

This process attributes a lock and seal mechanism to nuts, screws, and bolts by applying special rubber, special resin, or capsule-type sealing and locking agents made with micro-capsule technology to the threads using an original method. This allows for reductions in cost and parts, as well as a decrease in working hours.

Used in a variety of fields including optical wear, acoustics, communications, electronics and electrical fields, automobiles, motorcycles, and bicycles.

Paper Wire [Industrial Paper Waste]

Paper waste produced from natural pulp (cellulose) used by Livre Inc. Potential in food and hygiene-related applications.
Absorbs all sorts of liquids, including water, oil, solvents, and ink, and has an absorption strength two to three times greater than cloth.
* We carry floor stands.

Power Saving Devices

We have devices optimized for Chemi-seal U-series hardening.
You can take advantage of our low-cost hardening systems optimized for work measurements, threshold temperatures, and irradiation levels of UV-hardening resins. We also carry UV-LED irradiation equipment superior in energy conservation, life-span, and heat impact.

Conveyor Types
Models UVC-4000CM UVC-2000CM UVC-834
Input Voltage(V) 200 Single-Phase 200 Single-Phase 100 Single-Phase
Measurements(W×D×Hm) 1800×400×1765 1000×580×905 360×188×150
(Lamp Housings)
Weight(Kg) 230 60(By Energy Source) 15.5
Cooling Systems Forced Air-Cooling
Cold Mirror-Cut
Forced Air-Cooling
Cold Mirror-Cut
Forced Air-Cooling
Aluminum Reflecting Board
High-Pressure Mercury Lamp Model CT4000-CF CT2000-CF UV-834
Output(W) 4,000 2,000 400
Illumination Length(mm) 500 180 150
Output per Unit(w/cm) 80 111 37
UV Illumination Intensity(mw/m2) 200 150 100
Lamp Illumination Distance(mm) 100~200 150~190 10~50
Conveyor Materials SUS SUS SUS
Conveyor Width(mm) 200 200 88
Conveyor Speed(m/min) 0.4~5.0 0.3~5.0 0.3~3.0
  High Illumination Intensity/Mass Production Type Low Temperature Hardening — 60℃ and Below Experimental/Small Parts Use