• Micro Capsule

Micro Capsule

A micro-capsule is an extremely small-scale container produced by chemical or physical processes with a spherical diameter of roughly 1μm(1μm=1/1,000μm)to around 1 mm. Generally, the material enclosed in the capsule is referred to as the "core" or the "internal phase", and the surface of the capsule is referred to as the "membrane".

Original capsule

Types Feature Inner Phase
The applicability and potential of encapsulating is unlimited and depends on the type of core (internal phase), methods of use, and development applications, and there is potential for unique and novel product expansion.
We accept requests for joint development and prototyping (for a fee) to assist in your product development. Please feel free to inquire.
Materials Non-Reactive to and Insoluble in Water

Magnetic Powder CapsulesUsage example

Usage example

Office and Factory

  • ■Phone slip
  • ■Shipment Log
  • ■Mini Note

Medical and welfare

  • ■Patient Room Labels
  • ■CoBo
  • ■Primary Doctor's Notes

Hobby and leisure

  • ■Hitsuginin
  • ■Errand Memos
  • ■Magnetic Sheets


  • ■Write It, Erase It Series
  • ■Contact Note
  • ■Medical Check Sheets
Types Feature Inner Phase

These are capsules containing oxidized titanium and ultra-fine oxidized iron made with our original, patented production process. These capsules are used with magnetic sheets.

A magnetic sheet
A magnetic sheet is a soft and thin re-writable sheet that coats magnetic powder capsules in PET film. Using the custom Magnet-Pen & Eraser allows the sheet to be repeatedly written on and erased multiple times.
White Pigments (Oxidized Titanium)
Black Pigments (Oxidized Iron)
Organic Solvents

Fragrant CapsulesUsage example

Usage example

Kids Room

  • ■playing house
  • ■Crayon
  • ■Chemitech Capsule
    Cologne Spray
  • ■Cushion


  • ■Golf bag・
    Golf grip
  • ■Poncho
  • ■Sportswear
  • ■cap


  • ■Handle
  • ■Seat

Medical and nursing care

  • ■Bandage
  • ■Sheet


  • ■Wig
  • ■Wedding dress
  • ■Stockings


  • ■Chemitech Capsule
    Cologne Spray
  • ■Curtain
  • ■Tissue paper
  • ■Tatami
Types Feature Inner Phase
Capsules of approximately 1.5~50μm that preserve highly-volatile fragrances long-term. In addition, the aroma can be released by scrubbing (breaking) the capsule.
Since we can produce our fragrant capsules at a particle diameter of 1.5~2μm、they may be used in felt pens, fibers, and tissue paper.
Diverse Oil-Based Fragrances

Heat Reactive Capsules

Types Feature Inner Phase
These encapsulate specialized pigmentation.
These capsules respond to differences in temperature and can change back and forth from chromatic to achromatic.
Settings are adjustable in increments of 10℃ in the temperature range 0℃~60℃.
Leuco dyes
(red, orange, black, blue, green, emerald green)

UV Color-Emitting Capsules

Types Feature Inner Phase
Photochromic materials are encapsulated using an original production method, with the result of extending the life-span of pigments weak to light exposure.
Photochromic materials absorb UV energy and cause reversible changes in the matter from color-emitting to color-inhibiting.
Photochromic pigments
(magenta, yellow, blue)

Color-Emitting Capsules

Types Feature Inner Phase
These capsules encapsulate dyes, and by mixing with developer, emit color irreversibly only when pressurized or broken. Leuco dyes
(red, orange, black, blue, green, emerald green)

Procedure for Making Capsules