Quality policy

"In order to provide our clients with safe, high-quality products by the desired deadline, we strive to do our job in a proper manner, and continually work on improving while establishing quality goals and working together to reach those goals.

I recognize this as our quality policy and set quality goals with each department. As we put the policy in effect, as a manager, I perform managerial reviews and develop an understanding of the progress being made.

Enacted January 1, 2003
Revised April 1, 2014


Environmental policy

Core Philosophy
We are deeply aware that environmental preservation is a universal problem shared by all of mankind, and through the creative and environmentally-friendly development, manufacture, and sale of fine chemical products, we approach our corporate activities with the core philosophy of "creating trust and good will" with the community.
Core Policies

We, for the purposes of environmental management, hold the following points as key policies:

  1. 1) To focus on the following areas for improvement:
    • ・Resource and energy efficiency in manufacturing and shipping products.
    • ・Reduction of electrical usage and consumption of ○A paper.
    • ・Lowering water pollution through drainage.
    • ・Reduction of foul odors and atmospheric pollution.
    • ・Appropriate management of waste products and reduction of emissions.
    • ・Effective usage and reduction of use of sales vehicles.
  2. 2) To abide by legal statutes and ordinances on the environment, as well as any other demands agreed to by us.
  3. 3) To work and improve on the prevention of pollution while continuously taking action towards environmental protection.
  4. 4) In order to consistently exercise the environmental management system, each department will set goals and, if necessary, constantly work to revise them.
  5. 5) These environmental policies shall be reviewed regularly, on a yearly basis.
  6. 6) These environmental policies shall be distributed to all employees and made common knowledge.

Enacted December 2, 2002
Revised April 1, 2014